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What We Offer

Caring and covering

A structure for interpersonal and accountable relationships on a regional basis.

Covering and equipping through Provincial and Regional meetings, seminars, workshops and input.

Assistance to local pastors in evaluating the condition of their churches and determining what input and assistance is needed to stimulate their growth and health.

Support and counselling to assist in restoring leaders during periods of burnout or challenging times.

A prophetic voice together with the rest of the Christians in South Africa who share the same biblical values.

Promotion of healthy churches

Provincial & Regional Leaders will encourage all the churches in their Provinces / Regions to become healthy through focusing on the following 7 strategic elements of a local church:

Christ centeredness

Leadership and governance

Shepherding and discipleship

Children, youth & young adult ministry

Worship & Sunday services

Community ministries & reaching those beyond the church

Administration, finance & church structure


Provincial & Regional Meetings

Provincial meetings are arranged by the Provincial Leader for his Province as and when necessary. At these meetings all the Regional Groups will gather together for celebration, fellowship, teaching, encouragement and vision casting for their Province.

Regional meetings are gatherings of ministers in a region within a radius of no more than 150 kilometres.

Regional Leaders arrange for meetings to take place on a regular basis which will usually contain the elements of leadership, equipping, encouragement, pastoral ministry and prayer.

The purpose is to encourage personal growth of their members and to ensure the growth of healthy churches in their regions.



PROGRESSIVE PASTORING COURSE (PPC) hosted by Maranatha Community Church

A course that helps Pastors to “do church well” and to take their churches to the next level.

It covers topics such as: how to be a successful Senior Pastor, pastoral care, leadership development, transitioning to a Cell Church, relationship skills, etc.

It is run on a modular basis, that is, for one week (Monday to Friday) four times a year.

For enquiries please contact Maranatha CC at Tel. 011 972 5413 or

WINTER SCHOOL hosted by Hatfield Leadership Academy

A course that offers an ideal opportunity to be equipped in a variety of Christian ministry skills.

The tracks include: preaching, church administration, worship, children’s ministry and youth or young adult ministry.

It usually takes place for a week in early July of each year.

For enquiries please contact HLA at Tel. 012 368 2354 or

Other Ministry Support


Assistance, training and workshops for worship leaders and worship teams.

Children’s ministry

Assistance with raising up a Children’s ministry. Support and further training for Children’s ministry workers.

Youth & Young Adult ministries

Assistance with raising up a Youth or Young Adult ministry. Support and further training for Youth or Young Adult ministry workers.

Administrative Support


Availability of a TCN Model Constitution for a local church which   has been approved by SARS for Tax Exemption – PBO registration.


Ordination of a Pastor will take place in his local church but will be recognised by our Network. We will also issue an Ordination Certificate which will bear the stamps of both the local church and TCN. A letter confirming the Ordination will also be issued by TCN.

PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) registration with SARS:

This registration with SARS is compulsory by law for all faith based organizations, for tax exemption.

TCN will assist any member church in acquiring all the documents, completing them, submitting them personally at the SARS offices and then keeping track of the process until the church concerned receives their letter of confirmation with their PBO number.

Marriage Officer – Licences with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA):

The DHA sees TCN as a credible institution and we are permitted to submit Applications for Pastors who are members of TCN to become Marriage Officers, in order to officiate at weddings and to certify documents as true copies.

New applications:

The TCN office will apply on their behalf, obtain their exam results and send them the final certificate of approval.

The process to become a Marriage Officer usually takes a minimum of 8 months.

Existing Marriage Licence of a new TCN member:

TCN will transfer all Marriage Licences to TCN when a new church becomes a member. The particular Pastor will need to supply our office with his Marriage Licence details.

Finding a church for member relocating

When a member from a TCN church relocates, our office will do its best to connect them to a TCN church nearby. If there is no TCN church close by, our office will then connect them to their nearest Provincial or Regional Leader.

Human Resource related questions

Members are welcome to send their Human Resource (HR) questions to the TCN office for assistance. Our office will forward them to the HR Department of one of the anchor churches in TCN for assistance, where possible.

Basic Legal questions around church business

If members require assistance in this regard and have no one to refer to locally, they are welcome to send their basic church related legal questions to our office. We will in turn refer them to an anchor church in TCN,  that is part of a forum for up-to-date advice on legal matters, including tax, finances, administration, building projects, etc.


We have access to basic teachings and resources.  A few examples are books on Discipleship, Tithing and Giving, Child Development, etc. These will be advertised in our TCN Newsletter.


Where member churches require information regarding specialised ministry, e.g. grief care, divorce care, deliverance, marriage counselling, etc. they are welcome to contact our office. We also have access to contact details for Institutions that deal with substance abuse, shelters for the homeless, etc.